The Centre contributes to the rich tradition of Islamic scholarship through a broad programme of publications. At present, it constitutes the following:

1. IESTC Journals

Journal of Philanthropy

Rakan Ekonis Network publishes the Journal of Philanthropy twice a year. It has the following priorities:

  • To make Islam and the Islamic philanthropy the central focus of comprehensive academic inquiry.
  • To provide a forum for the study of Islam Philanthropy and Muslim societies in their global context.
  • To publish new scholarship that is specialized in terms of topic, time or place.
  • To encourage inter-disciplinary studies that are cross-national and comparative.

2. IESTC Books and Book Series

Our aim is to publish high quality, cutting-edge research across a range of subjects in Islamic economics. Our books add depth to research and learning, featuring groundbreaking research, case studies and advice from global thought leaders, helping to drive change in their field.


IESTC publishes a comprehensive programme of reference books, monographs, handbooks and academic textbooks in a variety of subject areas in Islamic economics

Book Series

Book Series are the cornerstone of IESTC’s portfolio, featuring a wide range of notable, well-established titles for scholars, academics, researchers and professionals.

3. IESTAC Working Paper Series

The Islamic Economic Studies and Thoughts Centre (IESTC) Working Papers Series consists of serial publications, dated and numbered, of the Islamic Economic Studies and Thoughts Centre (IESTC) of Rakan Ekonis Network (REN). Their content represents topics and approaches relevant to Islamic economics studies and thoughts and their various sub-disciplines. The series is intended to aid the rapid dissemination of work in progress, research findings, and special lectures by researchers and associates of the IESTC. The issues are available in electronic format through the IESTC's public website.

4. Viewpoint and Commentary

This publication refers to the review and evaluation of various selected documents and books, important reports and analyses that have been produced by reputable bodies (both local and international) such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Islamic Development Bank or policy-oriented think tanks and research organizations and various government-commissioned reports.

Synopsis, assessment and commentaries of these documents can be made accessible (in a specific standardized format) without any charges to the learned and scholarly communities for media reporting and public discourses.

Due acknowledgement is expected from the information users.

The documents may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Human Development Reports;
  • Economic reports, annual reports;
  • Policy reviews and reports
  • Selected books of relevant topics