IESTC Journals

Journal of Philanthropy

Rakan Ekonis Network publishes the Journal of Philanthropy twice a year. It has the following priorities:

  • To make Islam and the Islamic philanthropy the central focus of comprehensive academic inquiry.
  • To provide a forum for the study of Islam Philanthropy and Muslim societies in their global context.
  • To publish new scholarship that is specialized in terms of topic, time or place.
  • To encourage inter-disciplinary studies that are cross-national and comparative.

Risk and Takaful Journal

The journal was initially known as The Insurance and Takaful Journal (INTAJ). It was the flagship journal for the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) published twice a year.

Risk and Takaful Journal (RTJ) is the premier scholarly journal in the field of risk and takaful, and the only journal in the world to focus on various issues in risk and takaful in emerging market.

The journal focuses on various issue in insurance, takaful, actuarial science and risk management in emerging economies. The Journal is expected to publish papers that are scholarly in nature within the conceptual and applied framework.