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The study of economics as discourse requires a perspective that focuses on the relationships among knowledge (or truth), discourse (or language), and meaning. Central to this task is the recognition that the conduct of economic analysis uses words and that words embody meanings that are applied to the object of study, but do not necessarily derive from that object, although they define that object for us.

Knowledge Economists are engaged in strivesto understand and explain the economy. In the pursuit of the knowledge of Islamic economics,our attempt is to make coherent the respects in which belief is to be accepted as knowledge, or the senses in which this knowledge has the quality of "truth ". The field of methodology in Islamic economics parallels the fields of Tawhidi epistemology and philosophy of science in the attempt to make sense of and to prescribe the terms on which efforts at knowledge may be accepted as "True", or the terms on which statements can be accepted as "Knowledge".

The conduct of such methodological inquiry typically treats Islamic economics as a science. This discourse engages in the pursuit of truth as a Tawhidiepistemological category - though there have almost always been economists who were sceptical of the status of Islamic economics as a science, and the pursuit of knowledge is only one of three reputed philosophical basis of Islamic economics, namely ontological, logical or psychological dimensions.


Who is the speaker?

IESTC Discourse Series started in early 2017. It is a monthly discourse on a selected topic. The series continues to bring speakers to IESTC.


Who can attend?

This discourse will give an opportunity for participants to understand the truth at a deeper personal level. Attendees will find how knowledge enriches and empowers their inner personality in every walk of life, enabling each to assimilate all impacts from the world and thereby get elevated and expanded every time. This will be an excellent opportunity for households, executives, young professionals, managers, students and entrepreneurs to learn about the applying knowledge to empower and enrich one’s personal and professional lives.


Expected Output

This discourse is part of IESTC’s effort to create a platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge

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