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​​ ​​​2017 ​ ​
​ 6-2018 Ibn Khaldun Thought on Sustainable Development Raudha Md. Ramli
Abdul Ghafar Ismail



Muslim countries have their own principles to guide them achieving sustainable development. This paper presents on the nature of Ibn Khaldun’s multidisciplinary and dynamic theory in development which were rediscovered by modern economist. This study cursorily examines Ibn Khaldun famous work al-Muqaddimah as well as the interpretation of his work offered by contemporary scholars. Our findings show that first, the Ibn Khaldun’s thought could be interpreted in the context of sustainable development. Second, the main principles of sustainable development include the integration of economic growth, strong legitimate government participation, good governance, rule of law and justice. Third, immorality, and injustice are recognized the indicators of unsustainable development caused fall of the nations. His perspective on economic and how he organized them can guide Muslim countries in drafting development policy and also can be used to promoting sustainable development in Muslim countries into an extremely coherent model.

Keywords: Sustainable Development, Ibn Khaldun, Al-Muqaddimah