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​​ ​​​November, 2019 ​
​ 08-2019 Perundangan Zakat Di Brunei Darussalam: Kesannya kepada Kelakuan Individu dan Kerangka Institusi Zakat  Abdul Ghafar Ismail Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal Nurfaradilla Haron



New institutional economics theories attempts to extend economics by focusing on the social, legal norms and rules (which are institutions) that underlie economic activity. The theories also identify that the institutional environment forms the framework in which human action takes place. In this paper, our aim is examine the provision of the current act that may hinder the development of zakat institution in Brunei. Our results show that individuals and institutional framework would hamper economic activities. Therefore, we suggest three transmission channels that can boost the performance of zakat institution and economic activities. Several new provisions in the act are suggested to realize the workable solutions of these transmission channels

Katakunci: institusi ekonomi; zakat; undang-undang; pembangunan ekonomi; Klasifikasi JEL: H23; K22; P34; P51; Z18;