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​​ ​​​November, 2019 ​
​ 08-2019 Justice and Economic Distribution Theory: Secular and Islamic Philosophical Insight Bayu Taufiq Possumah



In mainstream economics, distribution concerns who gets what. “Who” refers to the personal distribution of income among individuals or the functional distribution of income among suppliers of productive factors. Also mainly concerned with the factors which affect the wealth of nations. Issues of justice, elimination of poverty and deprivation are secondary. On other side, Islam not only concern to who gets what, but also concern to how the human gets what equally and justify. Therefore this study uses descriptive and synthetic approach to present principles and concept of justice distribution derived from the guidance of revelation; Qur’an and Sunnah. The study is derived into two main themes. The firts one deals with theory of juctice and a review on distribution theory in secular Paradigm, the second one is the taxonomy of economic distribution theory in Islam

Keywords: Distribution, Justice, Secular, Islam, Philosophy JEL Classification: P00, P40, P4, P51