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​​ ​​​November, 2019 ​
​ 01-2019 Findings the Solution of Zakat for Disaster Relief  Muhammad Hasbi Zaenal, Kamaru Salam Yusof, Abdul Ghafar Ismail 



Disaster relief presents many unique solutions, with problems including damaged transportation infrastructure, limited communication, and coordination of multiple agents. Central to disaster relief is the distribution of zakat to beneficiaries. Islamic religious funds model have potential to help relief agencies save lives and money, maintain standards of humanitarianism and fairness and maximize the use of limited resources amid post-disaster chaos. Through identifies the issues and reviews of the scholars’ view, this paper provides an analysis of the solution use of such model from the perspective of scholars. With the complexity of disaster relief distribution and the relatively small number of references written on it, this is an area with potential for helping relief organizations and for tremendous growth in Islamic religious funds’s utilization

Keywords: zakat, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, Islamic religious funds, beneficiaries